Group Training

This is our most common training method. Our group training courses are carried out within our salons on set days and times and have a more generally structured approach.

The Pros

You get to start and finish your course with other like-minded, talented individuals who all have something to share / teach! Someone might ask a question you hadn’t even considered and the answer to that question might be an absolute gamechanger! It’s also great to meet people at a similar stage in their journey to you, which helps you create a support system that can last way beyond the completion of your course!

The Cons

You might be in a hurry to book, attend and complete a training course and our dates just don’t quite work. Or you might want to spend extra amounts of time working on a certain thing or area and (although we do try to accommodate this in our group training,) it might not be quite enough for you. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We also offer one-to-one training courses too.

One-to-one Training

Our one to one training offers more flexibility in terms of dates and speed. If you’re under a bit of time pressure to receive a certain qualification, then this might be the best option for you!

The Pros

All eyes on you! Of course, a huge benefit of one-to-one training is that you get dedicated and focused time with our experts to really perfect your skills and techniques. If there is something you excel in, we can spend less time, and if there is something you can’t quite get the hang of, then we can practice, practice, practice until you’ve got it!

The Cons

We often find that our group training sessions can provide an extra layer of support for our students. Often people earlier on in their career prefer a group training session as they can learn from all the other students as well as our fab trainers! 

It really does depend on you though; we recommend you choose whatever option ‘feels’ best to you!

On-site Training

Sometimes it’s just easier for us to come to you, and we get that! You might be looking for your team to gain some extra qualifications and experience and would prefer this to be delivered from the comfort of your / their own space. If that’s you, no problem, we’re on the way!

Please Note: Our on-site training option this is only available within salon environments.

The Pros

You can receive the training in a familiar environment, and it will be the environment you / your team will then be carrying out the treatments in! It can also be quite time efficient as it saves travel so there is less disruption to your life / business.

The Cons

If you’re thinking about this option for a team of your own staff, you might think it would be more beneficial to remove the training from their usual workplace and attend an external training site to ensure maximum productivity. As we said before, we’re flexible, and we understand everyone’s needs and preferences are different!

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