• What will you learn?

    In this in-depth, comprehensive course, you will learn how to offer a professional Acrylic Extension service to the highest standard.  Firstly, you will learn about the health and safety procedures we have to follow for this treatment, the anatomy of the hand and the nail plate, insurance policies needed for carrying out this service. You will also learn about contra-indications, common nail conditions and how to treat them.  We will then move onto the particle aspect of the course in this section of the course we will be covering how to prep the nail plate correctly for the application of acrylic as an overly, how to look after the cuticle area correctly, how to apply a tip correctly and we will also show you how to sculpt. We will then move to how to file the perfect nail shape. Next, we move on to how to do the correct acrylic application for the perfect nail stretcher, and how to correctly file and finish nails. The looks we are creating are as follows: a transparent look, full coloured acrylic look, classic French manicure look and coloured French look.  We will also cover how to infill your work as well as how to safely remove the acrylic product from your clients.  On completion of this course, you will be fully qualified and confident in all aspects of an acrylic extension treatment. You’re now to take your next step into the nail industry with the knowledge and confidence to deliver safe, accurate nail care advice to your clients, as well as delivering a professional and high quality treatment. This course is suitable for anyone with manicure or gel polish qualifications.

  • Previous qualifications necessary?

    This course is suitable for anyone with manicure or gel polish qualifications.

  • Will I receive a certificate

    Yes! This course is accredited by ABT and will enable you to gain insurance to work within the industry, either in a salon or by yourself.

  • Course Duration

    This course consists of 4 full days, 10am – 5pm, over 4 consecutive weeks

  • Course Cost

    £400 + vat

  • Kit

    There is no kit included in the price of this course we can provide one at an additional cost. 

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